Sunday, December 14, 2014

Autobahn Interiors in the press again in 2014!

Autobahn Interiors are excited to be featured in yet another magazine this month. This time the article is from 911 & Porsche magazine UK December issue. The article is about the restoration project on a 1972 narrow bodied 911t. This was a large project involving many Porsche body, engine and of course interior experts!

This cream cracker with mellow green stripes is packing some pretty impressive additions, a 1977 European Spec 3.0 litre 930 engine complete with K27 turbo and 964 camshafts!

The color of the car is Chrysler "cool vanilla" overlaid with Ford "kiwi Green Stripes", that are painted rather than decals. San Diego veteran Tom Amon is responsible for rebuilding the 930 engine and 915 transmission approximately 15 years ago. Other modifications that were added around the same time were the dual outlet exhaust, new bilsteins, anti roll bars, rear torsion bars, ball joints, steering rack, RR rods, plus 964 front brake calipers with a 22mm master cylinder.

After you are done admiring the exterior work and the engine we then see the inside and your eyes are treated to another aesthetic feast! Autobahn Interiors put in GTS Sport seats in Green Leather upholstery, and we clad the dash top and door furniture in similar colors and the carpet is German Square weave matting.

This was truly a remarkable car to work on and the finished work completed by all parties involved looks fantastic.

Below are pictures taken of the car in the magazine article

Photography rights goes to Anthony Fraser and the original magazine article credit goes to Johnny Tipler

A completed Targa also in December!

Next up for this month is a 1968 911s Soft Window Targa.

This project involved a full interior recovery using Black German Vinyl. The carpet of choice was the ever popular German Haargarn and for the trunk set German Square Weave was installed. We also restored the top in smooth vinly and finally for the front seats German Vinyl and to compliment the look and color of the car German Hounsdtooth was added to the seats.

The car looks fantastic and was a fun project to work on with many intricate details needed to call it a success..

1974 911 Finished this December 2014..

We have been very busy over the month of December 2014. This blog will feature and show in detail the work we did on a 1974 Porsche 911 s.

The owner chose for the interior a used linen leather combo with German Black Vinyl. For the carpet dark brown sliverknit with German backing for the floormats. To complete the finishing touches we added a perforated Ivory German Headliner.

We are very happy with the finished article, we invite you to review the pictures below..

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

New arrival in the shop!

Autobahn Interiors were delivered another 911 just recently. This time a 1967 911 model in White. We did a full interior restoration on this beauty...

The owner went with all German Black Vinyl for inside, with German Ivory for the headliner and the Ute carpet is German Haargann

We are also in the process of working on the seats.

Below are some pictures of the work ....

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"Best of the Best 2014"!

A while back Autobahn Interiors worked on a 1967 Porsche 911 "S".

The restoration was a success and we were featured in Classic Porsche magazine United Kingdom November / December 2014 edition! The article is called Best of the Best and we are very excited about making headlines across the pond!

This particular model has quite a story behind it. The car was originally completed in October 24th 1966, finished in Irish Green with Black leatherette interior. It was then sold by a dealer in Hamburg, Germany to an anonymous buyer,and remained in Germany for little over a decade. Then in 1977 it was bought by an American from New Jersey who had the car shipped out to his home.

For the next 20 years the car stayed in the USA but the condition had declined, until 1998 when due to its desirability it was sought out and purchased. The car suffered some body damage from a run in with a snow-plough but then not too long after a deal was struck the restore the Porsche.

The first portion of work was done in an Oregon workshop. There in Bend, Oregon, the exterior restoration was done by Tim Morris with German Master Tech. With over 30 years of experience the Porsche was in good hands with Tim Morris. Many more companies along the way were responsible for the complete restoration of this rare model, some locally to us here in San Diego such as Queen City Plating, and for the interior , yep you guessed it, Autobahn Interiors were chosen to give the car a new life on the inside. We are honored to have been selected to work on such a highly sought after model and cant't wait for the next one!

*The pictures added here are from the Classic Porsche UK magazine November/December issue and photography credit goes to Michael Ward.*

Monday, November 10, 2014

Speedster in the shop for November 2014!

One of our ongoing projects during the month of November 2014 will be some interior restoration on a 1955 Speedster!

The owner has decided on an all Tan color leather interior and to compliment this we will be adding an Oatmeal color square weave carpet set!

These colors go hand in hand and really add to the style and age of the car.

Please review the pictures below of the Porsche in the early stages of the project, and be sure to check back soon for the completed work!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Lets go back in time...

An interesting history lesson for the early Porsche fans out there, although no doubt most of you will know.. In 1949 at the Geneva Motor Show the first ever Porsche 356 was shown to general public. These earlier versions of the car were actually hand built in Austria at Gmund. The A model was produced as far as 1959, the B model until 1962, and the C version up as far as 1965.

Statistics show that the 356 model was a very popular road car with a racing heritage. Some of these earlier models were specially prepared so as to be entered in competitive events such as the Le Mans 24 hours race. When first introduced the 356 was powered by a rear mounted 1100cc engine . Further down the road the engine options progressed to include the 1300cc, 1500cc, and 1600cc versions. To further boost the horsepower Twin choke Zenith, Solex and Weber carburetors were added.

The “S” or “Sport” specification was the only 356 to be given Four-wheel disc brakes, which were a nice compliment to the 1587cc engine. The speed could top off at 110 mph and at the time fuel economy was rated at over 30mph.

Well that's all for now, thanks for reading and we would love to hear your feedback!